Two scripted adventure games, on tablet, where you are the hero!

Two ExplorGames® have been created in order to explore the oenopark while having fun through riddles to solve: an indoor game on the site of the Wine Hamlet and an outdoor game on the site of the Beaujolais Garden

ExplorGames indoor

The enigma of Hameau Dubœuf

Accessible all year round during the opening days and hours of the Hameau du Vin

Approximate duration : 1h00 to 1h30

With your family or friends, take a tablet and go in search of the obscure character who threatens the Hameau. For some time now, the Duboeuf Hamlet has been experiencing mysterious events that endanger this unusual park: objects are disappearing, vines are dying… During the course, look for clues, take up challenges and foil the traps set along the way. You have little time left to save the Hamlet!

Hameau Du Vin - Georges Duboeuf - ExplorGames

ExplorGames outdoor

The Metal Legion

Accessible during the summer season during the opening days and hours of the Jardin en Beaujolais

Approximate duration : 1h30 to 2h00

We are in 1899. In the cities and the countryside, the industrial revolution has profoundly transformed daily life. In this new society full of promise for a better future, an old inventor discovered the secret of perpetual motion. This technology was capable of operating machines beyond imagination! Such power attracted covetousness. The day before the opening of the Universal Exhibition, while preparing to present his invention to the world, the inventor was kidnapped. Made aware of the affair, Sherlock Holmes immediately decides to investigate. You are the students of the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes, go on an adventure, in the footsteps of the mysterious criminals who threaten to use the invention for their dark plans. Take up the challenges and thwart the traps set by diabolical spirits. There is still hope of thwarting this terrible threat.

Hameau Du Vin - Georges Duboeuf - ExplorGames

Tablet on reservation for the ExplorGames

Supplement of €5 per person on top of the price of the entrance ticket

The terrace of Hameau Dubœuf

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